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- The Udine G7 University Manifesto
- Il Manifesto di Udine G7 University

Gli interventi di indirizzo del G7 University (nr. 1 -10)


The G7 University Institutional Greetings (nr. 1 -10)

1. Institutional Greetings by Alberto De Toni (Secretary General CRUI) on 29th June 2017 
2. Institutional Greetings by Flavio Pressacco (Vice President, Friuli Foundation) on 29th June 2017 
3. Institutional Greetings by Giovanni Da Pozzo (President, Chamber of Commerce of Udine) on 29th June 2017 
4. Institutional Greetings by Furio Honsell (Mayor, City of Udine) on 29th June 2017 
5. Institutional Greetings by Debora Serracchiani (President, Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia) on 29th June 2017 
6. Institutional Greetings by Thompson-Flores (Director, UNESCO - Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe) on 29th June 2017 
7. Institutional Greetings by Valeria Fedeli (Italian Minister of Education, University and Research) on 29th June 2017 
8. Welcome Address by Rolf Tarrach (President, European University Association) on 30.06.2017 
9. Welcome Address by Stephen Freedman (U.S.A. Board Member, International Association of Universities) on 30th June 2017 
10. Goodbye Address by Gaetano Manfredi (President, The Conference of Italian University Vice-Chancellors) on 30th June 2017

• The G7 University Keynote Address (nr. 11) 
• The G7 University press release (nr. 12) 
• The G7 University interviews by ANSA (nr. 13)

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